What is SEO?

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining quantity and quality traffic for your website. Though there are various definitions given by different experts in the past decade, the standard meaning of every definition is “SEO helps you to gain organic traffic to your site”. There are two main types of SERP. There are paid ads, and there are 8unpaid organic search results. The main target of any SEO is to gain organic traffic to your site. 

The main task of effective SEO:

     Every site does SEO to rank their pages. There are various factors when it comes to effective SEO. If you own a site, you would know that even after doing all the SEO tasks, the results are unsatisfactory. There are key tasks for effective SEO. They are:

  1. Quality traffic- Gaining organic traffic is the main key task for SEO. Imagine your site sells mobile phones. But the visitors who landed on your page were searching for groceries. So they are not useful for your site nor your content to them. That’s why SEO focuses on generating quality traffic for your sites. 
  2. Quantity traffic- Now that we have talked about the quality, the next thing is quantity. The number of visitors also matters in SEO. By doing proper SEO you will gain higher traffic for your site. If you are a new site, doing a proper SEO will put your site in the mark. Quantity too matters as much as quality. 
  3. Organic traffic- As we said earlier there are paid ads and sites, and there are sites that rank organically. The main focus of SEO is to gain organic results. The ones you don’t need to spend your cash for. Organic traffic increases your site’s credibility and puts your site in the spotlight. 

How does SEO work?

     We all use search engines to find something or to enquire about any information. Be it about buying a new smartphone or to read a review about a smartphone, Google is one of the search engines we go to. Now let’s just say that you search for “apple 11 pro review”. You get a bunch of links below. How does this magical link appear in that specific order? Have you ever thought of that?. That specific order is due to that particular site’s SEO. 

     Here’s how SEO works. After you enter your search query with the keywords, Google bots go to their server and gain information about the keywords you have typed. There is a lot of work that goes into Google’s algorithm. In simple terms, Google gives you the list based on your keyword, the site’s Domain ratings, and backlinks (which Google uses for the site’s credibility). This is the work of the search engine. Now Optimization is your task. You need to update your site with relevant and credible content and optimize them. 

Learning SEO:

     If you are a budding SEO analyst and want to know the learning curve of SEO then this section will help you. For more details, look into the beginner’s guide to SEO. In this section, I’ll tell you about the basic learning you need to do in SEO. 

Creating an SEO-friendly website:

     If you want to optimize your site for higher ranking, know that your site should be SEO friendly. The domain name plays a vital role for an SEO friendly site. Because “Domain Rating” is an important ranking factor. Also getting your site some quality backlinks is an important factor. These two factors make your site SEO friendly.

Keyword and content analysis:

     If there is no quality content then there is no quality SEO. A website is nothing without its content. A keyword analysis is an important method to do during your site’s SEO. Your content should be related to your site and the keywords. If you have a gadget review site and you write content about fashion, that’s not going to help. To optimize your content with related keywords and use them in your content as well. 

Link related topics:

     Make sure you have blogs and articles that can be linked. Because backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors. Sometimes guest blogging also helps for your site’s SEO. A lot of people write content but without any keywords that can be linked. These contents may not perform well SEO-wise. So it is important to write articles that can be linked. Inbound links, outbound links are the two main types of links in SEO. 


       The backbone of any online business is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without proper SEO services, you can’t increase your company’s ROI (Revenue Of Investment). Many people nowadays think that SEO is an outdated process and old-fashioned. But the truth is SEO is one of the techniques that make your site visible, leading to organic traffic. And this organic traffic makes your website reach the top search results. 

Types of SEO services:

  1. On-page SEO services:

          On-page Seo means optimizing the web pages with inbound links and keywords to push the website at the top of the results. In these recent times, on-page  SEO has evolved to great heights. So it is mandatory to keep up with the latest practices and techniques for your website to gain organic traffic.

  1. Off-page SEO services:

           Off-page SEO is also one of the ways to gain traffic for your website with backlinks. Services done outside websites are off-page SEO, which will influence your website rankings. Sometimes Google needs additional information about your website from other sites too. So it is crucial to provide a well-built off-page SEO for your website.

To put the whole process of the importance of SEO in simple terms, here you go.

Good SEO for your page

Increases organic traffic for your website

Increases lead to your website

Increases your sales (ROI)

Five benefits of good SEO:

  1. SEO is a form of inbound marketing strategy. Unlike “outbound marketing” that annoys the users with content that they may not be interested in, SEO targets its customers, explicitly making it useful for them to get the information they search for.
  2. Organic SEO gains the top spot in the search results and does not have to spend money on ads. Instead of paying a huge paycheck on ads, invest your money on SEO, which leads to organic traffic and increased ROI.
  3. A right SEO page gets more visits and clicks than PPC. Because people trust Google’s algorithm more than advertised pages, optimize your page to reach on top. The majority of the users click the organic search results.
  4. 61% of the online business persons say that excellent SEO has helped them gain an online presence and a lot of leads.
  5. Brand credibility is essential for any form of online business. SEO boosts your brand credibility and helps you gain your audience’s trust in your business, and increase your popularity online. 


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