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     SEO tools are important for your page ranking. There are many free tools and paid tools too. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best tools for SEO used by experts. 

Keyword research tools:

      Keyword research tools are used for doing “keyword research” during SEO. According to SEO experts, keyword research is the primary key to your site’s ranking and development. And all the best things come at a price. And the paid “keyword research tools” are best when it comes to keyword researching. 


     There are a lot of paid research tools like “ahrefs” and many more. But still, few keyword research tools are free and even give you the best results. After using those tools and satisfied with the results, we have made this list of the best “free keyword research tools” on the internet. 

1. Keyword sheeter:

     Keyword sheeter gives you autocomplete suggestions from Google. It gives you an idea about the essential and related keywords for your search query. This tool helps you to generate keywords fast. It can provide up to 1000 keywords per minute. The thing is, it’s a pretty essential keyword research tool. It doesn’t offer you data like search volume and trends. This tool’s key feature is that it has a positive and negative filter, which can minimize your results to a great extent, thus showing only necessary words. 

2. Answer the Public

This keyword research tool gives you keywords in four different formats. They are:


  1. Questions.
  2. Comparison.
  3. Alphabetical
  4. Related search. 

     Questions: This gives you the keywords and phrases containing the question words like how, why, when, and who. For example, let’s assume “best drone” is the keyword. The result shows, like, “which is the best drone in the USA,” “how much does the best drone cost.”


     Comparison: This will show you a comparison between the keyword results. You can compare between drones like DJI and Parrot brands etc. 


     Alphabetical- This result will show you the keyword in alphabetical order. It will show you the keywords in every alphabet. It’s instrumental.


3. Keyword Surfer:

     Keyword surfer is a free extension given by Google. It shows you the keyword search volume of 19 countries at present. You can also turn on and off the global search volume as per your needs. It also shows ten related keywords based on your search. But you can’t get bulk search results. Being said, that is not how the extension is designed. It can just give you a simplified overview of the keywords.

4. Google Trends:

     Google trends is a handy keyword research tool. It shows you the trending of the specific keyword for a different period. This will help you to prepare and organize the content calendar. For example, if you want to know about a keyword and plan on writing a blog for the new year, you can search for the keyword and see its trend in January month. This will help you to update your content too. For example, if you are running a gadget review site, you can search for gadget names” like apple iPhone” and look at the trending time and update your site. 

5. Questiondb:

     Questions is a simple keyword research tool that generally shows you the “question keywords.” The source of the result is based on the 43 million problems from Reddit. You can sort your questions in popular and new ways. You can also download the search results in CSV format. This is great for SEO beginners. Right now, their source is Reddit. But they are planning to extend their research sources in the future. 

6. Google Keyword Planner:

     There are various keyword research tools. Google has also developed a keyword research tool called “Google Keyword Planner”. Though it has some limitations like search volume data, it is still used by many SEO experts for its great keyword suggestions. 

7. Ahrefs keyword research tool- Paid tool:

     Ahrefs is one of the most widely used paid research tools for keyword research. It gives you the best results in the keyword research field. Now let us know how a keyword research tool works. The below steps give you an idea of how the keyword research tool works. 

On-page SEO tools:

     On-page SEO tools help you to rank your websites in Google and other search engines. 

1. Woorank 

Our thorough set-up of SEO tools will assist you with enhancing your online presence and develop your business 

2. Raven tools 

Save time, cash, and dissatisfaction with the internet showcasing reports that don’t get simpler than this. Send customer reports for SEO, Social and PPC with Raven 

3. Semrush 

Semrush offers answers for SEO, PPC, content, online media, and serious exploration. Trusted by more than 6000000 advertisers around the world 

4. Moz 

Sponsored by the biggest local area of SEOs on the planet, Moz constructs tools that make SEO, inbound showcasing, third party referencing, and content promoting simple 

5. WebCEO 

WebCEO is an across the board SEO stage with a bunch of 21 successful online SEO tools for computerized promoting. Trusted by 1350000+ clients. 

6. SpyFu 

Quest for any contender. Download their watchwords. It’s that straightforward. Become familiar with contenders’ PPC and SEO deceives and keep away from their errors. Attempt it free. No CC Required. 

7. SEO Site Checkup 

The Seobility SEO checker is a tool that examines any site page for specialized blunders and SEO issues that can negatively affect internet searcher rankings 

8. Seoptimer 

Searching for the best SEO Audit Tool to break down and grade your site? SEOptimer is the web’s best SEO Checker. Improve your site, rank better in Search. 

9. Shouting Frog 

Shouting Frog is a work area program and a creeping tool for examining the whole site. 

The tool gives helpful experiences to your SEO issues of the site by creeping the whole site.

10. Rank Math:

     Rank Math is an on-page SEO tool used for technical SEO. This tool is used for meta description, page title, and also for redirecting URLs. If you want to rank your page in  Google, you need these tools to optimize your page and content. 


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