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What is Google Adsense?

     Google Adsense is a great way to earn money online through your content like website, blogs etc. Google AdSense works by creating ad space in your sites by analyzing your content and visitors. The ads published in your site are created by the advertisers who want to promote their product in your site. Since there are a lot of advertisers bidding for AdSense, the income might vary every time. It all depends on the advertisement published on your site. According to Google, more than 2 million people have chosen Adsense as their income factor. Adsense is gaining its momentum among the publishers in recent times. So this is a perfect time to create sites based on AdSense. 

How does Google Adsense work?

     Google Adsense is an easy way to make money. Just follow the three steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Site should have ad spaces

     For advertisers to post their ads, you should make enough ad spaces. You can do that by pasting the necessary ad codes on your site. For example, let’s say you run a gadgets review site. Some mobile brand ( like MI) wants to promote their latest mobile on your site. So you want to have ad space on your site for them. Advertisers outreach your site according to your content and visitors. 

Step 2: Highest bidder gets the ad space

     Consider the online AdSense as an auction market. Advertisers bids for the ad space in your site in a real-time auction. The highest bidder gets to place their advertisement on your site. So the ad which appears on your site depends on the highest bidder in the AdSense auction. This is directly proportional to your revenue. 

Step 3: Payment process:

     Google handles the billing and payment process. They take care of the advertisement and payments and the network of ads posted on your site. They make sure that you receive your payment on time according to the advertisements posted. 

Why Google Adsense?

Correct ads for your visitors:

     Posting ads in AdSense is just the beginning. Relevance is everything in the ad industry. Let’s say that you have a drone site. But the ads published by advertisers are about generators. Now the visitors might get confused and leave your site—That’s why Google Adsense is used by most of the site owners. Google makes sure that relevant ads are posted in your ad space. 

You control the ads:

      Not only Google, but you can also decide which ad to appear on your site. If you find any irrelevant ads, you can block them. You can also customize where you want the ads to appear. Just make sure that the ads don’t distract your content. That’s the important thing. Comfortable surfing for visitors should be primary. Also, you can choose ads that fit best for your site. Google Adsense makes sure that you are in control of the ads that appear on your site. 

Easy income:

     Google Adsense is an easy way to make income online. The Google AdSense market is vast. Many online advertisers are bidding for the ad spaces available. They bid in the online auction, and the highest bidder gets the ad space for your site. Thus higher revenue can be generated in simple methods. 

How to get started with Google Adsense?

     There are a lot of ways to make money through advertisement. But many require complicated procedures and not suitable for every niche—That’s why thousands of beginners opt for Google Adsense. Here we will tell you how to get started in the Google Adsense business.

  1. Making the correct AdSense website:

     Not every site can be optimized for Google Adsense. That’s why you need to create places that suit better for Google ads. The performance of the site also matters for Google Adsense. Some areas perform better than others. According to Google, a good performing sites are those that has useful content and generates decent traffic. 

     Content can be categorized into two types. Some contents are new and exciting, which attracts new visitors to your site. Then some contents make the visitors come back again and again. Keeping a balance with these two contents is essential for a good performing website. New visitors and loyal visitors both help to increase the site’s traffic. 

    The best type of sites that attract visitors are:

  1. News websites.
  2. Blog sites.
  3. Free and easy to use online tools.
  4. Review websites. 
  5. Social marketing sites. 
  6. Use many types of ad units:

     While Adsense is for site owners, there’s Google Adwords for advertisers. The advertisers can customize the ads according to their requirements. They can create ads that are ext based, picture-based and even small video ads. The type and style of the ads differ from company to company. 

     Since there are different types of ads out there, make sure you use various ad units that connect with your visitors. Know your visitor’s want and the clicks they make on the ads and understand their requirements. While deciding the ad placements, keep the user experience in mind because that’s the critical part. Google ads should not be more than the content you give for your audience. You can use Google Analytics to know what ad works best for your site and how you can place them. 

  1. AdSense Custom Search Ads:

     Adsense custom search ads differ from google custom search. If you have a blog site, news site or any forum this Adsense Custom search ad will be useful. This will help users to find the required content on your sites. This is user friendly, and your visitors will have a great experience. 

     This Adsense Custom search ads work best for your site and increases your Adsense profits and shows ads along with the search results. To get the most of Adsense custom search ads, you need to apply for them specifically. Once you get approved, you can start generating revenues. 

  1. Google Adsense for Youtube:

     If text contents are not your cup of tea, you can also opt for video contents. The platform like Youtube is a great place for video contents. All you need is a channel with good content. Once you have an established medium, go to YouTube’s feature and turn on the monetization feature. By turning on this feature, it will guide you to Adsense account, which in turn helps you to generate reviews. 

     Once your channel gets monetized, you can select the videos which you want to monetize. You can also control what ads to display on your video. You can customize them at “Video Manager” settings. To check the videos that have been monetized, go to Video manager. This is an easy way to make income through your YouTube channel. 

Types of Google Adsense ads:

     To take full control of the ads on your site, you have to know the types of ads Google Adsense provides. The main types of Google Adsense ads are:

  1. In-feed ads.
  2. Display ads.
  3. Link ads.
  4. Matched content ads.
  5. In article ads.
  6. Infeed ads:

     In-feed ads are those that are placed in a feed, list or sidebar. They are placed without disturbing the content and gives a smooth user experience. 

  1. Display ads:

     The display ads are the most shared ads found on the website. They fit right into any space, and compatible with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) sites too. These ads are responsive and can adapt to any size of the device. 

  1. Link ads:

     These ads are in-text link format and can be pretty responsive, giving the user a good experience while toggling to ads. Your page content decides ad placement. Relevant ads are essential. 

  1. Matched content ads:

     These are the ads that recommend your site to the users according to their search query. These ads help your page’s user time, page views, and potential to click on those ads. 

  1. In article ads:

     These ads are native ads that can fit into the content without disrupting the user experience. Ads in your site should not disturb the user experience. 


     With all the things mentioned above, we know that Google Adsense is a great way to make money online. It’s simple, easy to use and trustworthy. There are much fake online money making ways, but millions and its genuine use of Google Adsense. But know that it’s not the only way to make it as a full income. Any expert would say that you should not solely depend on Google Adsense as your sole income source. Keep Google Adsense as a sideways to make revenue and always expand your boundaries and explore more options. Check out our article on how to make money online.  


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