Link building strategy

   There are various link building strategies online, and some are very easy for beginners. And some strategies are complicated to follow for new coming SEO people. So in this article, I try to give you an outlook on some of the link-building strategy used by many SEO experts. 

Competitive analysis:

   So the very first thing is. I’m hoping that you’re already technically sound you already have your on-page in order. And you’ve already done some competitive analysis. Now let’s say that your top three ranking competitors are and what they are doing as leading competitors. This is step number one- competitive analysis. Everything else is done in a competitive analysis way. This has been acquired through that process only. We have our list we need to start looking at our backlinks that our competitors have and let me walk you through building your strategy. 

   Here’s what I do, and this is how I would recommend that you do it as well. Let’s say that you’ve done your competitive analysis right. So we’re going to go into here into semrush, or whatever tool you’d like and what we’re looking at is we need to start creating our plan, our strategy, and the process is checking backlinks for off-page SEO. 


   All right, so we’re looking at our backlinks but not just all backlinks. We are looking at the actual page but more so the overall authority. So the root domain and we’re not looking at overall. We are looking at the referring domains. These are the actual amount of backlinks so that the number is 520. So again so far in the processor in the strategy, we’ve done the competitive analysis. We have picked out our five top competitors, we’ve gone into our tool. For this example at semrush we’re looking up here we’re doing our backlink analysis in semrush. 

   We are then pulling out the referring domains, and then we need to start developing our strategy. And it has data from various backlinks on this particular tool which makes it very simple. We are looking at the authority score regardless of the device; they’re going to have a score. I’m trying to develop and utilize only one or two tools. So I can lower my cost on tools for one, but secondly, I want to work with you know one tool I do like to bounce back and forth using two. But I’m trying to focus on one again we’re going to look at the authority score.

Domain analysis:

   So we’ve done our analysis we have our top five competitors looking at our overall backlinks, then our referring domains that are what matters. And then we’re looking at anything that has an authority score at least related for semrush of 31 plus. So our range is going to be from 30 to 100. We are going to apply that now. Once we came up with our number of actual authority links, we have realized that I have 205 authority links, and this is the metric that we need to start then building our plan around. But obviously, we need to take number one two three four five and come up with a median, and what I mean by this is if I have the number one ranked the number two ranker three four five let’s say I have 200 authority links. 

   The next guy has 300 the next guy has a hundred. The next guy has 200. We will add all that up divide it by five, and this is our median of authority domains. We need to go out and build, and here’s what the strategy looks like. So let’s take that number from my site, which is authority links. Now we need to come up with our plan. This is where velocity and aggressiveness start to take a toll. This is where we decide do we want to be aggressive. And what’s our link velocity going to be for our overall plan our strategy, so if we are not that aggressive. 

Final strategy:

   We are going to look at our 205 links. Let’s say that that 205 number is our authority links as the median for all of our competition. We will then divide that by 52, and we’re going to come up with several 3.9 for so. And so that means every week, we need to build four links to match the off-page. Now we are not looking at anything else, but authority links and the reason is that it’s not a quantity game, it’s a quality game. 

   You can use even finite it, even more, you always want to build your most powerful links. First, this is. First, this is key; this is the king. We know that okay if I don’t want to be that aggressive and I’m coming up with a year plan to build four links a week. This is now my velocity, so looking at the numbers that we have so far right. If I want to have a low aggressive plan right, I will build four links per week. 


   Now that’s going to be a 12-month plan right now if it’s four per week for a 12-month plan, we’re going to do it if we want to be more aggressive. Say we have a six-month program then we’re going to build eight a week if we’re going to be ultra ultra-aggressive. Let’s say we bought an expired domain, let’s say we already have a pages index, let’s say that we want to start developing our off-page plan. We want to structure ourselves out a three-month program.

   This is ultra-aggressive you can start then building out eight links a week every week until you reach that gap. So this is the strategy for the authority link building. This strategy will be super useful for you moving into the next year and through this year. So if you have any questions related to off-page SEO if you have any questions about the link building or SEO backlinks, anything always feels free to go ahead and check out the other articles on the website. SO go ahead and build quality backlinks for your websites.


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